MG2 Collection

Our new ‘MG2’ series is a collection of three new styles, including Simon Chamberlain’s latest signature model, that include two brand new technologies: MG2 MadGrip Injection® palms and InSilk™ silk insulation.
Our MG2 palms feature Madgrip Injection®, abrasion resistant palm panels that offer better grip and more durability than any palm we’ve ever offered.
InSilk™ silk insulation is a hypoallergenic, all natural, renewable resource that is highly breathable, will not compress or get wet and features climate controlled properties; keeps you warm when the mercury drops and cool when temps rise.

Lofat Series

One of the first dedicated pipe/park collections of gloves, the Lofat series offers low-bulk style, performance and protection.

The PRIZM is a brand new design offering many of the same features as our most popular VAC II, but with a thin insulation package for those slightly cooler days. It’s also available, as an option, with our patent pending SMARTTHUMB™ technology. The ZENITH GTX is the flagship of the bunch, featuring proven GORE-TEX® technology. SIMON CHAMBERLAIN’s signature model is back in fresh new color ways, and the 1080p is an eye catching, affordable option and even comes in a mitt; an uncommon but popular option in the pipe/park category.

Hybrid Series

The best of both worlds. Using less bulky insulation packages the HYBRID series is able to offer much of the warmth of our MULTI-CLIMATE series with the dexterity and style of the LOFAT series. This category can just as easily be defined by ‘fit meets warmth’ as it can by ‘runway meets the mountain’. The OG DEUCE glove and mitt are a complete redesign of a staple in the series. The AUXILIARY II GTX is back by popular demand, and with the market’s growing desire for mittens, we’ve added a mitt option to the already well-received HIGH-B glove.

Multi-Climate Series

Maximum protection from the elements with great fit, comfort and style.

Using many stretch and soft-shell fabrics throughout the series, we continue our dedication to superior fit and breathability. Combining these fabrics with GORE-TEX® and Aquabloc® inserts offers the rider the ultimate in waterproof/breathable technology. With mitts, gloves, gauntlets, under cuffs, liner systems and one-piece constructions, the MULTI-CLIMATE series allows the most discriminating rider a number of choices for their weapon against the cold. Standouts include the P-3 mitt which marks the return of our pipe-glove-liner mitt, and the CIRCUIT SMT SYSTEM featuring our patent pending SMARTTHUMB™ technology, and includes a touch sensitive liner.

Women's Series

The WOMEN’s SERIES is continually evolving to meet the demand for technical, female-specific product in all climates and weather conditions.

From the ABK PIPE II park/pipe glove to the heavily insulated PARK AVE MITT, there’s one in here to meet the needs of every woman ripper out there.

Junior's Series

The groms are the present and future of our sport and deserve their own styles and category.

These aren’t just scaled down versions of our adult gloves. Our JUNIOR’s series designs are specific and exclusive to the little guy/girl shredders out there. There’s one in here for any youngster, of any skill level.

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