Andrew Hardingham

Andrew is definitely an all round rider. Whether he's in the pipe or dropping some mad cliff you know it'll have maximum tweak. He busts bindings from over tweaking (OT). He is also part of the Skids crew, so you know he's trouble and just loves to have fun. The one thing he loves more then gambling a huge cliff is rollin the dice. Andrew is also a budding filmmaker.

NAME: Hardingham of Andrew
B-DAY: 21
SPONSORS:  wesc, ride, bruxe, drop, rudeboys, etnies, 32, vz
HOME: Banff Alberta
HOME MOUNTAIN: Lake Louise, Sunshine, Kicking Hourse
LATEST VIDEO PART: Throw your Panties!
FAVORITE CARTOON CHARACTER: I like ninjas, I think there radical and by radical I mean totally awesome. I don’t really care too much about cartoon caracters.
WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU IN SNOWBOARDING:I believe in snowboarding….. Snooowboooardingggg. That means something. I hate woosy riders that think there rad because there hair is cut the cool way or there pants hang rad like. So the most important thing to me is staying away from them and just snowboarding with my pants and my haircut.
WHAT HAS CHANGED FOR THE BEST IN SNOWBOARDING THE LAST 5 YEARS: magazines. Like Frequency and the Journal have become. They have started re-directing there flow toward free riding again. I like all aspects of snowboarding but I truly believe there are areas of the sport that could be more spotlighted. For instance, ask any snowboarder who is the best big mountain rider and they’ll easily spit out one of 3-5 names. Why? Because that’s all they know. There are hundreds of big mountain rippers out there. No one has the means to know who they are. But magazines are starting to change and more and more free riders are starting to appear and become recognized. The reason I feel so strongly about this is because it’s what I've always seen as the radest side of snowboarding and the least spotlighted in the recent past.
WHAT HAS CHANGED FOR THE WORST IN SNOWBOARDING THE LAST 5 YEARS: snowboarding movies have become generic. Hit jump, spin, land. Thank god Justin Hostynek (Transcendence, Vivid, Saturation) came and spotlighted the real stuff. Every one forgot about the fun and free roaming side of the sport. I respect and commend all of the movie makers these days for producing NICE to watch movies - but stand out ! Rad Movies to check out – Whisky 1 and 2, Little bastards, Skids 2 and 3 (the Movie Video), TWS volume 1 issue 1-2-& 3. Meltdown project, subject Haakonson, TB3, Vivid, Bullet-proof, and 80D.
WHAT IS AN IDEAL DAY RIDING: waking up late and shredding gnarly terrain and crashing off rocky death lines and some how getting up with out a scratch on you only to stick the next one perfect only to find out you truly are invincible. I like being scared so scare me world.

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